Architects of Tactical Intelligence


Founded by former military and intelligence professionals with over 35 years of collective involvement in both overt and covert operations worldwide, we bring an unparalleled depth of knowledge and expertise to the field of intelligence.


Tactical Medical

Irrespective of your professional background, possessing comprehensive medical knowledge is imperative to complement your...

Austere Environments

Experience the pinnacle of survival preparedness with our Mountain and Urban Training courses, meticulously...
530,00 580,00 

Firearms Training

We recognize the diverse range of choices accessible to contemporary end-users seeking enhanced firearms proficiency. Meridian's...
550,00 3450,00 

Close Quarter Battle

The foundational principles of Meridian's Close Quarters Battle (CQB) and assault training draw directly...
620,00 1275,00 

Customized Training

Custom or private training at our facilities can be highly flexible, tailored precisely to...
680,00 1375,00 

Security Assessment

Meridian's Security Assessment course aim to provide clients with precise, real-time insights into the...

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