At Meridian, our foundation is forged from the crucible of experience. Founded by former military and intelligence professionals with over 35 years of collective involvement in both overt and covert operations worldwide, we bring an unparalleled depth of knowledge and expertise to the field of intelligence.


We prioritize ethical conduct, honesty, and transparency in every aspect of our service delivery. From handling classified information to collaborating with clients and partners, we uphold the highest standards of integrity.


We gather, analyze, and verify data, employing open-source intelligence methodologies to guarantee the utmost accuracy in our intelligence reports and assessments - leaving no room for error in our findings.


When faced with complexities or setbacks, our team demonstrates unwavering determination and resilience. We view obstacles as opportunities to innovate and improve, pushing boundaries to find solutions.




Former United States Marine and recently served in the Middle East as a DoD Contractor. Actively maintains a high level of proficiency in Combat Tactics and Techniques, Foreign Internal Defense, Radio Network Design, Development, and Sustainment, COMINT: Signals Intelligence, Imagery Intelligence, Geospatial Intelligence, Human Intelligence, and Counterintelligence. Professional affiliations include working by, with and/or through:

Department of Defense (DoD) Department of State (DoS) Other Government Agencies (OGA)



Former United States Marine Corps Sniper, with deployments to both Iraq and Afghanistan as a Scout Sniper. He is determined to educate civilians, law enforcement and fellow service-members in the field of Marksmanship, Survival and First Aid. Jon attended the following schools:

Scout Sniper School Urban Sniper School Combat Lifesaver School SERE (Survival, Evasion, Resistance, Escape) School Cold Weather Mountain Survival School.



Former Cavalry Scout with the United States Army. As a child Jeff ‘Bushwacker’ was taught the importance of surviving off the land and to never take more than you need. From building primitive shelters to making tools from just the sources around him, Jeff took this knowledge with him into the U.S. Army where they proved to be most effective during his career. Jeff has attended the following schools:

Cavalry Scout School Warrior Leadership School (WLS) Combat Lifesaver School (CLS) Mountain Winter Warfare Course (Cold Climate Survival Schools)



Kaloyan has been a long time supporter of GDSO all the way back to 2018. He`s a well known figure in the tactical community in Bulgaria with a vast amount of skills ranging from running various weapons, gear selection, tactics, medical, climbing/rappelling, and NVG operations. He has Travelled around the world with some of the best special forces – Bulgarian SOBT, Israeli IDF, American Marine Corps and more. Kaloyan has also taken an integral role participating in rescue and search missions in Bulgaria. Some courses Kaloyan has attended are:

Tactical Rifle and Handgun CQB Fundamentals Tactical Medicine Fast Rope Insertion / Extraction Systems Basic Land Navigation Weapon Maintainer



Former Crash / Rescue, United States Marine deployed to Afghanistan OEF. After went Private Military Contracting overseas. Foreign Internal Defense, Security and COIN contracts. Utilized small-space expertise in Israel with IDF Engineering team and Israeli Ministry of Defense. Previous experience includes working for or in support of:

Department of Defense (DoD) Department of State (DoS) Israeli Ministry of Defense Israeli Defense Force (IDF) Other Government Agencies (OGA)



Former United States Marine. A Military brat that decided to follow in his father’s footsteps and become apart of the Most “Elite” Military Organization in the world. Throughout his career in the Marine Corps, he remained a qualified Expert in both Rifle and Pistol Platforms. Augustine always strives to better himself and others around him. His previous experience includes:

USMC Company High Shooter Marine Corps Combat School Consecutive Rifle/Expert Awards Haley Strategic D5 Handgun Operator Course 06/16-18/2020 Certified NRA Pistol Coach