Meridian Tactical Training offers comprehensive courses tailored to enhance the skills and preparedness of civilians, military personnel, and police officers. Their programs cover a broad spectrum of tactical skills, focusing on firearms training, situational awareness, defensive tactics, and crisis management.


For civilians, Meridian's courses provide invaluable self-defense skills and knowledge to navigate real-world threats. From basic firearm handling to advanced tactics, these programs empower individuals to protect themselves and their families effectively. The emphasis on situational awareness and decision-making equips civilians to respond calmly and effectively in high-stress situations, enhancing personal safety and security.


Military personnel benefit from Meridian's specialized training that complements their operational readiness. The courses often simulate real combat scenarios, providing realistic experiences that prepare soldiers for various mission requirements. Advanced weapons handling, team coordination, and tactical maneuvering are core components, enhancing the capabilities of military units and ensuring readiness in diverse and challenging environments.


Police officers find immense value in Meridian's training, gaining critical skills that align with their duty to serve and protect communities. The courses focus on law enforcement-specific tactics, de-escalation techniques, and scenario-based training, equipping officers with the tools necessary to handle complex and high-pressure situations with precision and control. These programs contribute significantly to enhancing public safety and fostering trust between law enforcement and the communities they serve.

Tactical Medical

Irrespective of your professional background, possessing comprehensive medical knowledge is imperative to complement your...

Austere Environments

Experience the pinnacle of survival preparedness with our Mountain and Urban Training courses, meticulously...
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Firearms Training

We recognize the diverse range of choices accessible to contemporary end-users seeking enhanced firearms proficiency. Meridian's...
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Close Quarter Battle

The foundational principles of Meridian's Close Quarters Battle (CQB) and assault training draw directly...
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Customized Training

Custom or private training at our facilities can be highly flexible, tailored precisely to...
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Security Assessment

Meridian's Security Assessment course aim to provide clients with precise, real-time insights into the...


The value of Meridian Tactical Training lies not only in its comprehensive curriculum but also in its experienced instructors who bring real-world expertise to the training sessions. Their emphasis on safety, discipline, and continuous improvement ensures that participants receive top-tier instruction and leave better prepared to face the challenges inherent in their respective roles.