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Irrespective of your professional background, possessing comprehensive medical knowledge is imperative to complement your overall skill set. Our adept instructors ensure your preparedness to effectively respond to a spectrum of emergencies, be it a domestic accident, the aftermath of an active shooter incident, a bombing, or any other form of casualty event.

  • Please note: This class contains content that may be distressing for individuals sensitive to disturbing videos and imagery.

Throughout this instructive program, participants will acquire essential knowledge encompassing:

Strategic approaches for situational treatment and phases of care. Adherence to medical protocols for varied scenarios. Utilization of the MARCH algorithm for Injury Assessment, focusing on: Massive hemorrhaging Airway management Respiration techniques Circulatory considerations Management of Head Injuries and Hypothermia Effective application of tourniquets. Expertise in wound packing and recommendations for trauma kits.

The course duration spans 4 hours within a classroom setting. Upon successful completion, students will receive a certificate validating their demonstrated proficiency in life-saving skills. This certification stands as a testament to their acquired capabilities in responding effectively to critical medical situations.


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